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Welcome! This is a website describing the activities of Dr. Young-Hui Chang's spring semester graduate seminar course in Applied Physiology at the Georgia Tech (see also my course objectives)

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2011 (wiki links)

  1. Neuromechanical adaptations to pregnancy (T. Griffin, OMRF; J. Gottschall, Penn State U.) - S. Shieh

  2. Motor skill consolidation (A. Ahmed, U. Colorado, Boulder) - D. Ollerenshaw

  3. Neuromechanics of idiopathic scoliosis (P. Mahaudens, U.Catholique de Louvain) - A. Fen-Chong

  4. Special Skype Guests: R. Kram (U. Colorado, Boulder); J. Gottschall (Penn State Univ.); D. Jindrich (Arizona State Univ.)

2010 (wiki links)

  1. Role of skin in locomotion (Sharon Swartz/Joe Bahlman, Brown; Bill Kier, UNC-Chapel HIll) - S. Lin

  2. Tradeoffs for locomotion in air and water (James Lovvorn, S. Illinois; Matt McHenry, UC-Irvine) - M. Toney

  3. Spinal locomotion (Janie Yang, U. Alberta; V. Reggie Edgerton, UCLA) - I. Niazi

  4. Parkinsonian gait (Kathleen Norman, Queen’s U.) - S. Arcot Desai

  5. Locomotor effects of shoes (Peter Adamczyk/Art Kuo, U. Michigan) - R. Seo

2009 (wiki links)

  1. Undulatory Locomotion (Beth Brainerd, Brown; Auke Ijspeert, EPFL) - S. Steinmetz

  2. Collective Animal Behavior - D. Murphy

  3. Comparative Foot Morphology (John Hutchinson, Royal Vet. College-Univ. of London) - C. Hovorka

  4. Locomotion on Fins and Flippers (F. Fish, West Chester U.; G. Lauder, Harvard) - N. Mazouchova

  5. Non-linear Analyses of Stable-to-Unstable Gait Transitions (Max Kurz, NE Med. Cntr) - K. Van Antwerp


  1. Redefining Gaits (Jonas Rubenson, California State Univ., Pomona) - J. Bauman

  2. Locomotion on the Water's Surface (Tonia Hsieh, Brown Univ.) - R. Maladen

  3. Comparative View of the Role of Feet in Locomotion - Y. Ding

  4. Maneuverability vs. Stability on Land (Devin Jindrich, Arizona State Univ.) - A. Auyang

  5. Maneuverability vs. Stability in Water (Eliot Drucker, WFC; George Lauder, Harvard U.) - N. Bundersen

  6. Pectoral Fin Control of Swimming in Skates and Rays (Mark Westneat, Univ. Chicago) - Brad Farrell

  7. Sensorimotor Integration During Predator-Prey Interactions (Mark Nelson, IL-Urbana-Champaign) - C. Li

  8. Role of Connective Tissue in Locomotion (Peter Huijing, Vrije Univ., Netherlands) - V. Stahl


  1. Gait Transition Triggers (Rick Neptune, Texas; Robert Gregor/Boris Prilutsky, Ga Tech) - B. Brown

  2. Global vs. Local Leg Control (Zatsiorsky, PSU/Scholz, Delaware/Shinohara, UC-Boulder) - A. Auyang

  3. Visiual & Vestibular Effects on Gait (Aftab Patla, Univ. of Waterloo) - J. Zolna

  4. Encoding Spinal Cord Activity to Locomotor Behavior (Richard Poppele, Univ. Minnesota) - H. Hayes

  5. Using Fractals to Study Gait Pathologies (Jeffrey Hausdorf, Harvard Univ.) - S. Sonenblum

  6. Gait Rehabilitation After Spinal Cord Injury (V. Reggie Edgerton, UCLA) - D. Billingsley

  7. Using Robots to Study Locomotion (Thomas Daniel/Michael Tu, Univ. Washington) - J. Yen

  8. Parkinsonian Gait (Maurizio Ferrarin, Gnocci Foundation, Italy) - N. Gonzalez-Castro

  9. How Flies Fly (Robert Full, Univ. California-Berkeley) - N. Bundersen