Academic Programs

Undergraduate Certificate

The School of Applied Physiology offers a multidisciplinary Certificate in Applied Physiology. It is designed for students – particularly those majoring in the sciences or engineering – who wish to broaden or supplement their educational experiences and career opportunities in areas related to human biology, medicine and health. The certificate program is based on courses in human anatomy & physiology and human movement sciences.


Undergraduate Research

The School of Applied Physiology offers undergraduate research credits for students who regularly participate in research activity at one of the research labs. Research experience in a lab would help understand the nature of research in the graduate program and also improve the career opportunities.


Undergraduate Minor in Physiology

The School of Applied Physiology will oversee the minor program providing advising, assessment and oversight. Interested students will declare the minor through Applied Physiology.



Master of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics

The professional Master of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics(P&O) program prepares students for clinical certification in both prosthetics, the use of artificial limbs, and orthotics, the design and fabrication of external braces. The program offers an innovative and research driven curriculum to prepare students for careers in clinical practice or research.




Ph.D. in Applied Physiology

The Ph.D. program in Applied Physiology is designed to prepare students for research careers as scientists and educators. Physiology refers to the study of normal and abnormal regulation and integration of mechanisms across all levels of biological organization from molecules to organism to populations. The multidisciplinary Ph.D. program focuses on the study of movement and mobility using both human and animal models.

Research training in Prosthetic & Orthotics


Dual Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)/Ph.D. in Applied Physiology

In cooperation with Emory University, the dual DPT/PhD is an advanced training program will provide ideal training for physical therapist-scientists for careers as leaders in both academic physical therapy and movement research. The Emory University DPT program is among the top-ranked US DPT programs, and has a philosophical commitment to scientific inquiry. The Georgia Tech PhD extends this foundation providing the skills required to begin a career as an independent researcher.


Ph.D. in Quantitative Biosciences

The mission of QBioS is to educate students and advance research in quantitative biosciences, enabling the discovery of scientific principles underlying the dynamics, structure, and function of living systems. Georgia Tech's Ph.D. QBioS program is designed to train and prepare Ph.D. level scientists to identify and solve foundational and applied problems in the biological sciences.