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What is APPH-1040 Foundations of Health?

APPH-1040, Foundations of Health, is a 2 hour credit course which satisfies the core health education requirement for graduation. The class consists of a one-hour lecture and meets twice per week. In addition, the instructors often use T-Square to supplement course material with additional relevant information and activities designed to reinforce lecture material. Course content focuses on the critical analysis of health information, the development of strategies to promote good health, and assumption of personal responsibility for health enhancement.

How do I request an overload?

Overload requests for APPH-1040 should be submitted via the on-line registration system. Overload requests will be reviewed the week before classes begin each semester with Seniors and Juniors having priority. Remember to watch the registration system closely, especially during the first week of classes. Seats frequently become available during that time.

Does AP have a degree program?

The School of Applied Physiology offers an undergraduate certificate, but no bachelor’s degree program at the present time. AP also offers a Ph. D. degree and is the administrative home of the Georgia Tech Focused Master's Program in Prosthetics and Orthotics.